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10 hints and tips for retouching in Photoshop. Part 1.

10 simple ways to give your portraits the most attractive makeup. Learn how to remove blemishes, smooth skin, add digital makeup, and much more in this article. In the rest of the lessons on Photoshop (and this too) we’ll show you how to move to the next level of image processing with 10 tried and tested methods used daily by professional retouchers. You will learn how easy and simple, but effective you can make the photo unrecognizable, whether you want to boost eyes, soften skin, remove blemishes, or even add digital make-up.

10 подсказок и советов для ретуши

To remove hair from the face
Hair falling on the face, one of the many things that makes photographers when shooting. Only once you start viewing photos, you realize how much they irritate and interfere. Spending a few minutes to process the hair, the face is transformed and portraits start to look more interesting. It is very easy to do. Create a new layer, then take the stamp (Clone tool) and check the checkbox: All Layers in the settings. Select a hard brush and set the opacity to 100%, then zoom in (hold Cmd/Ctrl+Space and drag to the right to enlarge). Hold the Alt key and click on the Swatch next to the background (about hair), now paint them with a brush. Continue processing until you get acceptable results. To adjust the facial hair, you need to switch on the instrument Spot Healing Brush, mark the checkbox next to Sample All Layers, and paint over the hair.
Draw a face using the Brush tool – the brush
This is a really effective tool to add depth and define features of the face. It works by selectively lightening and darkening to accentuate these facial features like cheekbones and chin. Hold the Alt key and hit Create New Layer in the layers panel to access the dialog box for new layer. Select the mode to Soft Light and mark (Fill with soft light neutral color) ‘Fill with Soft Light Neutral Color’. Move the brush, click on the button D to reset the colors to black and white by default, and then press 1 to set the opacity of the brush to 10%. Paint black shadows on the face and body, then white will highlight the most striking features of the face. Once done with editing, click Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur and set the radius to approximately 50 pixels. This will help make the effect more realistic.
Retouching faces
There are 3 things without which a professional Retoucher to do it for simple_tooltip content=’Spot healing brush’]Spot Healing Brush tool[/simple_tooltip], Clone tool, Patch tool. Using them in combination, you can clean the face to remove flaws from the skin for a few seconds and more. In CS6 and above, tool Patch tool made a big progress together with the option Content-Aware. This setting is similar to a separate team Photoshop Content-Aware Fill, but as a tool has more useful features for retouching photos.
How to remove glare
You remember those parts of the human face, which Shine in the bright sun? They are called glare. Not that they’re annoying, but nobody wants to look like a shiny new toy, but if you just remove the flare, then we will lose the facial features that define a person. The decision will be toning photographs with combination tool Patch tool and useful command decay. Make a duplicate layer and select Patch tool if you are using CS6, use the patch: normal mode in the options of layers panel, then make the selection in highlight region. Move the selection to a clean area of similar areas of the face to remove the flare completely. The next step, press Cmd/Ctrl+H to hide the “marching ants”, then go to Edit-Fade Patch Selection (or press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+F) and reduce the opacity to 40% to recover the rendering of light.
To change the body shape
Every photographer knows that there are certain things you can do to make a person look slimmer. For example, going to be the person or making the photos above it is reduced double chin, or cross-legged, makes the figure more refined. But there is another method – the program Adobe Photoshop. Use Liquify you can reduce or enlarge different parts of the human body.