Photo lessons

10 – without a tripod can not be removed!

Today we will consider the situation when no special device, tripod, is indispensable for a variety of reasons. They can absolutely fundamentally differ from each other, but their main point of contact is the stability when shooting with SLR camera.

10 объектов - без штатива

Let’s discuss each of the items, and decide for yourself what the first thing to consider when photographing difficult moments.
1. Night landscapes
All probably know that when shooting at night the amount of light is not enough for optimal ISO setting on your camera, so you have to take pictures with a large number of this value, or in other words, during long exposures. In order to shoot the night landscape, you do not need an external flash, as it will focus only on close objects, but a quality tripod for maximum comfort for the photographic equipment you will need! In addition, with the assistance of tripod you can increase the time of shooting – excerpt from a few seconds to hours or more, and the quality of your images will not suffer from external factors such as hand tremor or movement.
2. Starry sky
When shooting a starry sky, you may notice that during long exposures is their movement, therefore, constitute a kind of line in the sky. In fact, this move is not they, the earth revolves around us. But for us the main thing is to get the highest quality picture, so a tripod will help organize resistance, and therefore less exposure.
3. The movement of water
Those photographers who like to shoot these images, also willingly photographed and the movement of water. For this you need to set a long exposure, so it is possible to configure the optimal value for streams and waterfalls that the stream of water looked spectacular and more smooth. This will contribute a well-established tripod that will simplify the process of shooting.
4. The moon
Many professional photographers shoot the moon in a special device called telephoto lenses. In addition, any object when you zoom through the lens can affect the final result, so it is best to set the camera on a firm surface or a tripod. Thus, you can without any obstacles, such as wind or shake hands, take pictures of the beloved object.
5. Group portraits
Photographing people, every photographer knows how difficult it is to place them all, you will need to manage to take a picture so no one was with closed eyes, morgovsky, etc. this will help you a tripod and continuous shooting mode. So, you will picture of all, without changing the position of the frame, and will produce a series of photos of them choose good.
6. Photography HDR
Recently this function has appeared in many devices and nevertheless to obtain high-quality images in HDR format, you’ll need a tripod to make 3 pictures in a row. The essence of HDR is that the images are formed in one piece, and the most successful elements of each frame in a photo.
7. The original use of the movement of the camera
The most interesting effects in photography can be achieved using the zoom and movement in a particular direction of the camera, but it is a very difficult task, and it can be done by installing the device on a tripod. Try a longer exposure time and rotate in different directions your camera – you will get an effect of impressionism.
8. Video
If you don’t have a Steadicam, or you just need to make a quality video, without a tripod can not do! The fact that when driving, no matter how resistant are not your legs, arms always fail, because the camera thing is heavy. To avoid shake hands, and smoother video shoot and created such devices as a tripod.
9. Freezelight
Freezelight is a special technique using light technology. For example, you can use a long exposure of the camera and “paint” with a flashlight or other light source. A tripod is necessary to focus attention on the main subject, as well as to stabilize the image.
10. Timelapse
This is a fairly new technique of photo or video, but already popular among a large number of photographers. Its essence lies in the fact that you shoot from one angle a few frames in a row, and then combine it all into one video. Of course, a tripod in case it will be more suitable for shooting a series of frames from one place. It turns out original and interesting work.