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10 hints and tips for retouching in Photoshop. Part 2.

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Beautiful eyes
Most photographers agree that the eyes are an integral element of any portrait, so you need to spend a few minutes on their improvement, and add them Shine. We will concentrate on the extension of the eye, but if you need more, change the color, the look, apply makeup, and even make them anymore. It may be useful to imagine the eye as a set of 4 items: pupil, iris, proteins and eyelashes. Each of them requires different tools Photoshop. I need to increase the tone of the iris, darken the pupil and the iris circle, white to lighten the color and make clear eyelashes. Don’t be afraid to reduce the opacity for new layers to give the effect of rendering.

10 подсказок и советов для ретуши в Photoshop. Часть 2.

Clean smooth skin
You can think about plug-in Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw as a simple Converter for your camera files, or to have some pictures to make a few tonal settings to open images in the program. But if you delve a little deeper, you’ll find plenty of incredibly useful tools and settings. One such parameter is the slider definition. When you drag it to a positive value, the Clarity slider increases contrast in the midtones, which can be large, increasing image detail. But dragging it to a negative value, you will receive an excellent softening effect, which works like the Shine on the skin. There is also a slider on the main panel of the tool, but unlike the previous settings, you can use it in interaction with the settings of the brush to soften the overall effect of the skin.
Trim and tilt
Of course, it is best to get the composition right in the camera, but when it comes to shooting people, you often have to work with moving objects, which can make framing much more difficult than usual. So you are trying to capture an expression or a person’s reaction, which will mean a concentration on what is or is not included in the scope of the plot and to be on the list of priorities. Fortunately, with modern sensors, which are in any semi-professional camera, we can correct the picture after cropping in Photoshop. A slight tilt of the frame by cropping often leads to more pleasure and qualitative angle. Throwing the head back, to the side and lifting above the shoulders, like in this image, perceived as more feminine angle, while the forward tilt is more manly. Tool “crop” also implies the ‘rule of thirds’ users beginning with version Photoshop CS6 can access additional compositional guides through the drop-down form, such as “Golden section”.
Toning “bags under eyes”
Day-to-day life takes its course and this becomes evident in your eyes. As in most cases, post-processing, we do not want to remove the bags under the eyes, because it will look fake. We just want to reduce their tinting. Click the “Create new layer” at the bottom of the layers panel. Then take the stamp from the toolbar and navigate to the options bar at the top of the screen. Select mode: Lighten (this means it will be replaced only dark area), set the opacity to 20% and set as the sample: all layers. Hold down the Alt key and try the clone tool on his cheek right under the dark area.
Smoothing of the skin using high pass filter
Professional retouchers often spend several hours working on just the skin of the model, carefully removing all the imperfections with the clone stamp and healing brush. Of course, most of us have neither the time nor the patience for such work, but fortunately, there are things we can do to facilitate the work. One of the most popular, not to mention quick methods of smoothing skin is a High Pass filter. It gives your skin a silky-smooth finish to preserve many details and textures. If you want to have control over the smoothing effect, you can try the Gaussian Blur filter (Filter-blur-Gaussian blur).